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myHESTIA (my Healing Ecosystem for Self-care & Therapeutic Integration for the Aging) is a Comprehensive Digital Self-care Support System (CDSSS) designed and developed by Dr. Priya Nambisan, Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. The myHESTIA platform, part of an ongoing project, is designed to serve multiple purposes for anyone who wants to proactively take care of themselves and be in charge of their health. It is a scientifically designed system that allows individuals to systematically 'listen to their body' by tracking daily health issues and then analyzing and visualizing the underlying patterns using our graphical tools. The unique part of myHESTIA is that you will also be able to see how each ailment you have is connected with your other ailments or with your medications and treatments, i.e. myHESTIA provides you with a holistic view of your health. myHESTIA is a non-profit organization and will not allow anykind of selling or promotion within the platform.

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