What is myHESTIA?

myHESTIA is a Web-based self-care platform that is specially designed for those who are dealing with multiple chronic conditions or health issues as well as who are caregivers of people with multiple chronic conditions. myHESTIA allows you to store data on and track your health issues, take charge of your health and be better engaged. myHESTIA also allows you to communicate your health issues with your physician more effectively and to seek better care. In addition, myHESTIA provides support features for healing, social networking and connecting to local health resources. myHESTIA is a highly secure platform that offers full privacy (you don’t need to provide any personally identifying information to access and use myHESTIA). However, we do have a separate screening process for all new users to ensure the security of the system and to protect it from hackers.

 Who is myHESTIA for?
It is for any aging adult who is focused on wellness and pro-active aging. It will be particularly useful for those who are dealing with multiple chronic conditions/ailments and want to understand or get a full picture of what is going on with their health. The data is yours and it will stay yours – no one will be allowed to access it. No personally identifying information other than an email address that you provide will be associated with your data. You can however assign a caregiver or a family member to view your data or allow that person to enter your data. This is an online platform, so you need to have access to a Web enabled device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

 Why should I use myHESTIA?
myHESTIA enables you to learn about and develop a more complete and data-based understanding of your own overall health and mental/physical/social well-being. The daily notes you keep using myHESTIA’s health trackers can become very useful as an extension of your personal health records if something unfortunate were to happen to you and you are not able to communicate – in such a case, if your caregiver or family member has access to your notes, they can share that with your physician to figure out what happened. The daily notes you keep on myHESTIA can also serve as a family health resource. It will provide a good portrayal of what went on during a health crisis you faced and can help your children deal with their own health issues when they face similar issues later in life. “What were the symptoms my mom had when she got diagnosed with cancer?" or "Did my Dad have any other health issues that he didn’t quite talk about?” When you are not around to answer such questions, the data from myHESTIA may provide your children with important information for making their own health decisions.

 How much will it cost?
Use of myHESTIA is currently free for all users — and, there will not be any advertisements or other commercial initiatives.

 Is it safe to use?
It is a safe and secure online platform that ensures privacy, anonymity and confidentiality of data.

 How do I use myHESTIA?
Currently, myHESTIA access is restricted and you would need to email Dr. Priya Nambisan at nambisap@uwm.edu to start using it.

 A Comprehensive and Integrative platform

myHESTIA is by far the most comprehensive platform for self-care. It has over 50 trackers for users to maintain record of their multiple symptoms and health issues. And, it allows users to integrate and analyze such personal health data. In addition, it provides healing tips, an extensive manual on how to use various trackers, and health and wellness blogs to support continous learning. myHESTIA also has a private online forum as well as associated Facebook groups for users to learn from and support one another. Future plans include AI based resource integration and customization as well.

For more information, please contact Dr. Priya Nambisan (nambisap@uwm.edu), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Disclaimer: Please note that myHESTIA is an independent organization, we collaborate with local organizations that provide help and support for aging population.
The information contained in myHESTIA is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. myHESTIA DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCT, DEVICE OR SERVICE, INCLUDING ANY PARTICULAR MEDICATION OR TREATMENT DEVICE.