CDSSS-myHESTIA Research Policy


The CDSSS-myHESTIA is a research platform. While myHESTIA is open for the public to use it for self-care support, our main objective is to understand how such self-care support systems help the aging population who are dealing with multiple chronic conditions. myHESTIA is built on evidence-based research, and importantly, it is a platform that allows patients and researchers to come together to conduct research.

 ► Built on evidence based research:

All of myHESTIA's trackers, surveys, including web-design and features are based on research. This project is truly a translational research for Dr. Nambisan, who has done work in the areas of public health communication, self-care, design and development of consumer facing technologies, usability, technology-based comprehensive support for self-care, social and emotional support using web-based forums, value co-creation with customers, psychometrics and data analytics. myHESTIA was also built using inputs from researchers with expertise in the field of gerontology, primary care, nursing, geriatrics, social science and public health as well as specialists from multiple disciplines in medicine. Further, unlike other healthcare technology systems and apps, myHESTIA is founded on rigorous, evidence-based research and is aimed at bringing together researchers and the public in an effort to co-create value related to self-care.

 ► Plans to contribute to research

myHESTIA aims to contribute to research mainly in the areas of comprehensive and integrated self-care support for the aging; systems science perspective of self-care; data analytics and management for self-care; impact on health and well-being of users; and, impact on healthcare cost reduction

  ► Our policy on Research

We have one main policy on research and that is to include our users as part of our research team. Importantly, we do not share or use myHESTIA data for research without explicit permission from users. If a researcher wants to do research (and that includes everyone including Dr. Nambisan), the researcher would need to individually seek the permission of users, explain it to them what it is for and also include them (if they want to be included) as part of the research team. This type of research is referred to as 'Participatory research', and members are welcome to participate in research

 ► Current studies

We currently have completed several IRB approved studies and published our initial phase feasibility and usability study. We also have several on-going studies in various stages. More are planned and please check our research publications page.

For more information, please contact Dr. Priya Nambisan (, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Disclaimer: Please note that myHESTIA is an independent organization, we collaborate with local organizations that provide help and support for aging population.
The information contained in myHESTIA is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. myHESTIA DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCT, DEVICE OR SERVICE, INCLUDING ANY PARTICULAR MEDICATION OR TREATMENT DEVICE.