How to Join us

 To Join as Member: All those who are above 18 who are dealing with multiple chronic issues and want to take charge of their own health are welcome to join myHESTIA. Access to myHESTIA is highly restricted to protect it from spammers and hackers and so, you would need a code to create an account. If you would like to get a code - pl. send me an email

Be part of the myHESTIA team: We are looking for people in all different roles, who are dedicated to community service and would like to make a difference in the lives of others.

 Join the myHESTIA team as an intern:We have a variety of student internships available. Pl. contact us at, with your vita, your interests and a statement on what you intend to accomplish by joining myHESTIA as an intern.

 Join the myHESTIA research team: - We are looking for academic researchers, specifically, public health researchers, nursing researchers, geriatricians, primary care physicians etc. Pl. contact us at

 Join myHESTIA team as a volunteer: - We are looking for community organizers who are currently volunteering in the community, esp. with older adults in the Milwaukee region. Pl. contact us at

 Participate in an ongoing study with remuneration: - We are looking for participants for studies which involve using myHESTIA for a period of time. If interested, please check out our call for participation page



Disclaimer: Please note that myHESTIA is an independent organization, we collaborate with local organizations that provide help and support for aging population.
The information contained in myHESTIA is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. myHESTIA DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCT, DEVICE OR SERVICE, INCLUDING ANY PARTICULAR MEDICATION OR TREATMENT DEVICE.