Write your story

Writing your story is very important for healing. It helps in so many different ways. It helps in getting things out of your mind, it makes you realize that what ever is keeping you awake at nights is actually quite trivial, it helps you in seeing the big picture. And, most importantly you learn a lot about yourself if you write about it on a regular basis. This type of writing is also referred to as 'journaling'.

Journaling and writing your story regularly have several benefits:
1. Reduce stress, depression and anxiety.
2. Help your prioritize problems.
3. Helps you cope with issues.
4. Brings clarity in your thinking.
5. Improves your memory.
6. Helps you in acheiving self-discipline.

At myHESTIA we provide help and support in writing your story as we believe that:

  Writing your story is important for healing: Writing your story or your journey has several benefits and many sites that provide support for cancer patients, provide this feature. Writing your story helps with reducing your stress, see things in a different perspective, release pent up emotions, anger and other negative emotions. It is also found to help in letting go of your fears and accepting things that were difficult to accept. So, writing your story, no matter how serious or less serious your health issues are, would be an important activity for healing.

  Your story is important for you to understand 'you' better: The "My stories" feature of myHESTIA is for entering all kinds of different stories, not just your health stories. You can write about your childhood experiences, things that you did that makes you feel proud, your likes and dislikes, about your parents or siblings, about your friends and anything you like to be remembered by. These kinds of stories help in understanding the context for all the other health details you are entering. These contextual clues provide important information, not only for your caregivers, but also for your family and decendants.

  Your health story is important for your children and grandchildren: An increasing number of studies have found that genetics and other factors surrounding your family and community are important factors that impact your health. There are sites where you can write about the emotional trip during illnesses, but it is not a complete story. Your children would benefit from knowing the health choices you made, the medications you took, the outcome of each health decision you took and most importantly the symptoms and side effects you experienced, such as stress, lack of sleep, GI issues, pain etc. In addition, they would find it extremely useful to know what you ate or how much exercise you did, the supplements you took. All these may not be interesting for your children right now, but when they reach your age and start experiencing some of the same health issues, they will have lot of questions and sadly, in most cases, you are no longer around. This record you are keeping in myHESTIA will be around.

myHESTIA is a platform for long term use. The benefits of using such a comprehensive and integrative system accrues the longer you use it.


Disclaimer: Please note that myHESTIA is an independent organization, we collaborate with local organizations that provide help and support for aging population.
The information contained in myHESTIA is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. myHESTIA DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCT, DEVICE OR SERVICE, INCLUDING ANY PARTICULAR MEDICATION OR TREATMENT DEVICE.