Listen to your body

Listening to your body is an important step towards healing and preventive care. It is never too late to start 'listening to your body'. Advice, suggestions and tips to listen and track your symptoms are not lacking on the Internet; however, how do you listen? And, what exactly do you listen to? Further, sometimes just listening is not enough to understand or comprehend something. Our body is a complex set of systems, inter-connected and working together. Without any background in how our body functions, it may be difficult to understand what is going on. However, that doesn't mean you have to now take classes on physiology and anatomy. All you need is a tool to help you keep track and show you how and what to listen.

Listening and tracking your health (which includes your diet, exercise, sleep, stress or any symptoms) regularly have several benefits:
1. Helps you in understanding your body better.
2. Helps you detect changes earlier and take action before it is too late.
2. Become better at self-care.
3. Helps you better communicate with your physician as to what is going on in your body.
4. Helps your physician diagnose you better.
5. Feel more confident in taking care of yourself and following self-health management guidelines.
6. Helps you in acheiving self-discipline in your diet and self-care.
7. Helps you understand the normal state of your body. Most health studies are population studies and the normal values (for e.g. BP, Cholesterol etc) are determined for a large population. However, your normal values could be different.
8. Helps in reducing the stress associated with self-care.

myHESTIA is a tool that is built for learning to 'listen to your body' in a systematic and effective way. At myHESTIA, we provide help and support to track each and every health issue including diet, exercise, and over 50 symptoms/health conditions (including physical, emotional and social health conditions). Our trackers help you understand what to listen and how to listen. Our tools help you analyze and understand how these symptoms are interconnected.

At myHESTIA we believe that:
  Patients are right when they suspect the cause of their illness is something other than what the doctor thinks: While your physician is better than you in the general understanding of how human bodies function, you are the expert on 'your' body. You have been living with it 24/7 for a long time!. However, just suspecting something is not enough to convince your doctor about it. You need to prove it with data. So keeping track daily and showing the data to your physician the connection you see, can go a long way in communicating that to your physician. (Please read my blog on Communicate better with your physician

  Patients are smart and given the right kind of tools and support, they can be better engaged in their care and treatment: Most apps that are out there do not help with interpretation of the data that is being collected. And, physicians don't have time to explain everything, so, it is up to you to listen and understand what is going on. And, that is difficult, even more so, given all the different numbers and values and symptoms that you have to work with. There are no tools compararable to what we provide here at myHESTIA. myHESTIA is comprehensive, customized and allows for integrative or holistic analysis of your body's data.

  Too much listening is not good either: When you are in pain or your health is bothering you, you are constantly focused on what is going on within your body, that you lose focus on doing anything else. This is not listening, this is being constantly bothered by the health issue. Instead, writing it down or keeping track of it would keep it out of your mind and away for a while until it is time to record it the next time. A systematic and effective tracker would help you accomplish that.

  Getting more organized and disciplined is the key to better well-being and healing: Keeping track of your health issues and learning to systematically listen to your body makes you feel more confident. Your body functions better when you care enough to listen to it. It takes time to get to the habit and the key is not giving up on 'listening to your body'.

myHESTIA is a platform for long term use. The benefits of using such a comprehensive and integrative system accrues the longer you use it. Pl. send an email to if you would like to start using myHESTIA.


Disclaimer: Please note that myHESTIA is an independent organization, we collaborate with local organizations that provide help and support for aging population.
The information contained in myHESTIA is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. myHESTIA DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCT, DEVICE OR SERVICE, INCLUDING ANY PARTICULAR MEDICATION OR TREATMENT DEVICE.